islamic-inheritance-calculator islamic-inheritance-calculator islamic-inheritance-calculator islamic-inheritance-calculator islamic-inheritance-calculator islamic-inheritance-calculator islamic-inheritance-calculator

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Privacy Policy: The Islamic Inheritance Calculator

Privacy Policy Statement

This is the Website and the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator by Advocate Muhammad Waqas ..

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Address: Office #14, 1st Floor, Asim Center, Opposite Benazir Bhuto Hospital, Muree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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This privacy policy statement determines how Advocate Muhammad Waqas utilizes and keeps secured and protected any information that is provided by you to Advocate Muhammad Waqas while using this website and the Islamic Inheritance Calculator.

Advocate Muhammad Waqas is fully committed to ensure that your privacy is fully secured and protected. At a certain event this website ask you to furnish specific information about you by which the system is able to identify you while you are using this website and the Inheritance Calculator, and you are hereby assured that the certain information provided by you will only be applied according to the privacy policy stated herein.

Advocate Muhammad Waqas reserves the rights to make any amendments in the privacy policy statement periodically by amending this document / page. You are responsible to visit and read periodically the privacy policy statement stated herein to assure yourself that you have no objection to the amendments brought forth to this document / page i.e. the Privacy Policy statement.

What the system Collects:

The web server identifies domain name and email of address of the each visitor / user who uses this website and the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator (if required and possible).

Email addresses of the users are collected by the system, who contact via Email by using the contact form or the email address provided by this website.

We may collect the following information:

1: Name
2: Profession
3: Mobile Number, etc

How we use the information we collect: The information is required to understand your further requirements for the improvement of Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator and to provide you with the better result / output, and especially for the following reasons:

The information provided by the user may be kept for the internal record keeping, particularly of the professionals, such as The Judges, The Lawyers, The Scholars, and Mufits (A legal expert who is a Muslim; who has command over religious legal matters and has powers to pronounce fatwa / ruling) , etc. for the purpose of keeping them up to date with the Inheritance Calculator development and also taking help from the professionals for the betterment of the Inheritance Calculator.

Advocate Muhammad Waqas may use the information to improve the Islamic Inheritance Calculator. He may from time to time inform you, via email address which you have furnished the system by using the contact form or Email address, about the updates and new features introduced in the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator.

Where required, Advocate Muhammad Waqas may use the provided information to contact you for further research in the field of Islamic Inheritance Law and rules.

Advocate Muhammad Waqas may also utilize the information provided by you to inform you any bug or error occurred in the result generated by the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator, and for any of the above mentioned purpose, the system may Contact you by email, phone, fax, call or mail. The information may be used to customize the website and the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator keeping in view your needs and interests.


Advocate Muhammad Waqas is fully committed to ensure that your privacy is fully secured and protected. and secure the information we collect online.

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This website and the Online Islamic Inheritance Calculator have links to other URLs / links which help to furnish you further information on the specific subject or topic. It is worth to bring it into your notice that the provided URLs / Links are not under our control, if you prefer to use the provided URLs/links you are hereby notified that we are not the provider of said URLs/links and the same are beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the information you furnish to said URLs/Links while visiting the said URLs/Links, because the said URLs/ Links are not governed by the privacy policy stated herein. It is your responsibility to be Warn strongly and read the relevant privacy policy i.e. stated therein said ULRs / Links.

How to Control Your Personal Information:

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On a website whenever you input values into a web form, locate for a check box where you can check to inform that you are not interested and do not want that specific information to be utilized by anybody for the marketing purposes whether direct or indirect.

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Your personal information may be utilized to send you promotional information about third parties, where we find that it may be interesting for you and you like this to continue and happen.

Where you find that the information provided by you is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact us via any mode provide on the contact page as early as possible, so that the incorrect information may be corrected as soon as possible.